東北の空を、世界の空へ。 Bringing the World to Tohoku

Seasonally changing, breathtaking view of Zao Mountain Range, rich bounty of the sea at the Sendai Bay.

These magnificent landscapes of the Tohoku (Northeast Japan) region welcome you at Sendai Airport.

On July 1, 2016, Sendai Airport took a new step forward with Sendai International Airport Co., Ltd. and was privatized as the first case of a private sector company taking over the operation of a government-owned airport in Japan. Serving as a gateway to the Tohoku Region, we have been working on flight network expansion and airport functionality enhancement in order to offer more convenient and pleasant services.

Our mission is to create and grow air travel and cargo service to and from Tohoku that will facilitate the lively exchange of people and goods using the Sendai Airport as a gateway. Another mission is to spread the charm of the Tohoku region, where local culture and traditions from its long history remain alive and strong, and let more people know about the region. We continue to challenge for innovation with enthusiasm and flexibility.

Placing safety and security as the top priority, Sendai Airport aims to become the airport of choice for residents and guests by providing a superior airport experience for their journey with warm hospitality. We look forward to sharing additional updates with you as we continue to grow.

Sendai International Airport. Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer