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Privatization of the Sendai Airport, the first privatization of a state-owned airport

Bring the World to Tohoku

July 1, 2016
Sendai International Airport get started toward this goal.

The Sendai International Airport aims to become a starting point connecting Tohoku and the world connected through the sky and creating and developing opportunities of lively exchanges of people and goods to spread culture and economy of Tohoku to the world.

First, we will endeavor to connect Tohoku to the world in a more accessible, more compact, and closer relationship through having more flights to more cities, expanding the aviation network, and attaining smoother cooperation with transportation networks.

The Airport will continue to evolve with the environment where all of our customers comfortably spend, always taking the highest priority for safety and security.

We challenge flexibly for various renovations together with local people to become the top airport chosen by customers as a gateway to Tohoku.

Please look forward to the future Sendai International Airport.

Takuya Iwai, president of Sendai International Airport Co., Ltd.

Takuya Iwai, president of Sendai International Airport Co., Ltd.

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