Business Lounge

Business Lounge

Business Lounge

You can widely use them for having a relaxing time until departure, doing a bit of work or other purposes.
And, the food mall is located on the 3rd floor. So, you can also use them as an area for relaxation after the meal.

Business hours 7:00-20:30
(Shortening business hours 7:00~19:30)
  • ・PC booth
  • ・Wireless LAN
  • ・Soft drink corner
  • ・Color copy, FAX (charged)
  • ・Smoking room
  • ・Canned beer (additional charge)
  • * We have no restroom in the lounge.
  • * Please refrain from using cell phones in the lounge.
3F : MAP
  • Capacity of Lounge: 33 seats.

    Capacity of Lounge: 33 seats.

    It is available for a single person or a group. Do not hesitate to use it. 33 seats are provided. Please relax here before your departure or after your arrival.
  • Soft drink corner

    Soft drink corner

    We provide both cold beverages such as iced coffee and orange juice and hot beverages such as coffee, tea, flavored tea and green tea.
  • Smoking room

    Smoking room

    We have a smoking room in the lounge.
  • Personal Computer Booth

    Personal Computer Booth

    Two personal computers are available. You can use it for your business or searching about your trip destinations.

    <Printing service>
    Monochrome printing: 10 yen/paper
    Color printing: 50 yen/paper
    (exception: 100 yen/A3 paper)
  • Color copy, FAX (charged)

    Color copy, FAX (charged)

    Please come to the front desk if you use it.

    Black-and-White: 10 yen/sheet
    Full color: 50 yen/sheet
    (exception: 100 yen/A3 paper)

    FAX: 10 yen/fax

If you have a credit card (covered credit cards such as gold cards) and board on the day’s flight, you can use this lounge for free of charge for one hour (JCB card holder: for free without time limit). If you have no credit card (covered credit cards such as gold cards) but board on the day’s flight, you can use this lounge for a fee.

* Please note that some credit cards may not be accepted.
Charge for use of the lounge in cash 1,100 yen per hour (incl. tax)


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