Contact List

Airlines (Booking, Flight information)

All Nippon Airways (ANA) Domestic Flight 0570-029-222
All Nippon Airways (ANA) International Flight 0570-029-333
Japan Airlines (JAL) Domestic Flight 0570-025-071
IBEX Airlines (IBX) 0570-057-489
AIRDO (ADO) 011-707-1122
Peach Aviation (APJ) 0570-001-292
Skymark Airlines(SKY) 0570-039-283
Fuji Dream Airlines(FDA) 0570-55-0489
Asiana Airlines (OZ) 0570-082-555
Air China (CA) 0570-095-583
EVA Air (BR) 0570-666-737
Thai Airways International(TG) 0570-064-015
Tigerair Taiwan (IT) 03-3225-0036
(Weekdays: 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00)



Sendai Airport Railway 022-383-0150
Sendai Airport Station (Access Line) 022-383-0160


Iwanuma community bus(Miyagi Transportation Co., Ltd.) 0223-22-1111
KK Takeya Kotsu 0224-86-5525
Rinkuu(Airport site) loop bus(Sendai Bus Company Ltd.) 0223-23-4731
Sendai Bus Company Ltd.
Northern Iwate Transportation Inc. 019-641-1212
Aizu Noriai Jidosha K.K. 0242-22-5560
Miyagi Transportation Co., Ltd. 022-771-5310
Yamako Bus K.K. 023-632-7272
SHONAI Transportation Inc.
Express bus Reservation center(Tsuruoka)
Express bus Reservation center(Sakata)


Rental Car

Nippon Rent-A-Car 0223-82-0971
Toyota Rent a Car Miyagi 0223-22-0100
Nissan Rent a Car 022-383-2823
Times Car 0223-24-6933
Orix Rent-A-Car 0223-29-4163
AVIS Rent a Car・Budget Rent a Car 0120-26-1511

Air Cargo Carriers

Domestic air cargo ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS 022-383-4002
JAPAN AIRLINES 022-383-3483
International air cargo Sendai International Airport Co., Ltd. 022-383-6201

Restaurant・Shop・Duty free shop


Tohoku Trattorìa TREGION GALLEY(Japanese food・Western food・Cafe) 022-393-8039
JUSHOAN(Japanese food) 022-382-9222
MMC ORGANIC CAFÉ(Spaghetti・Cafe) 022-382-0906
MMC ORGANIC CAFÉ at International Boarding Area(Cafe) 022-384-9155
Fisherman-tei(Bowl of rice topped with sashimi) 0225-90-4569(Head office)
Zunda Saryo(Milkshake) 022-381-6031
Dashirou-GoLD-(Ramen) 022-397-7955
OX TONGUE RESTAURANT JINCHU(Ox tongue) 022-383-3429
CAFFÈ&BAR PRONTO(Spaghetti・Cafe & bar) 022-738-9634

(Shop・Duty free shop)

Duty Free Shop VEGA(Liquor, Tobacco, Cosmetics, Electrical appliances) 022-383-6205
(Sendai International Airport Co., Ltd.)
Shopping plaza HAGI(Food)
DATE MARCHÉ(Food, Goods & Accessories)
SKY SHOP BOOMERANG(Food, Light meal)
JINCHU(Ox tongue) 090-2994-4129
Local sake shop Hana-no-kura(Liquor) 022-382-2223
Kikusuian(Food) 022-383-4170
ANA FESTA(Food, Light meal) 022-384-9516
DRUGSTORE YONEKI JUJIDO(Drugstore) 022-384-1067
Daily Yamazaki(Convenience store) 022-784-2881


Michinoku Tour Information(Sendai International Airport Co., Ltd.) 022-383-6741(9:00~21:00)
Business Lounge 022-382-0080
Waiting Room for a fee
Runners Port
Cycling port
Shower Rooms
Rest Room
Delivery(Yamato Transport) 0120-01-9625
Relaxation(enDuce Leaf) 022-397-9743
Wi-Fi Router Rental(Vision Co., Ltd.) 0120-510-670
Bank(77 Bank Sendai Airport Branch) 022-383-4655
Travel Insurance(Travel Marketing & Assistance Inc.) 022-384-1168


Parking lot inquiries(Times contact center) 0120-77-8924
Inquiries for items lost or left: Please contact the Sendai Airport General Information Counter. 022-382-0080
Taxi Association stationed at the airport (in the office of Kikuya Taxi) 0120-222-726

Public agencies

Sendai Airport Office of MLITT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) East Japan Civil Aviation Bureau 022-383-1211
Sendai Airport Branch Customs of Yokohama Customs 022-383-2390
Sendai Airport Branch of Sendai Immigration Bureau 022-383-4545
Sendai Airport Quarantine Branch Office of Sendai Quarantine Station 022-383-1854
Sendai Airport Branch of Shiogama Substation of Yokohama Plant Protection Station 022-383-4585
Sendai Airport SB of Animal Quarantine Station 022-383-2302
Sendai Airport Security Office of Iwanuma Police Station 022-383-4140

General Information Center of the Sendai Airport Terminal Building (6:45 to 21:45)

◆Information on terminal service facilities at the Sendai Airport Terminal Building ◆Reservation and inquiry of waiting rooms for a fee ◆Inquiry for Business Lounge * Please be understanding that detailed tourism information and hotel booking are not available.

Sendai Airport Information Phone: 022-382-0080

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