Security Screening Procedures at International Security Checkpoint

Security Screening Procedures for International Passengers

Security Screening Procedures for International PassengersSecurity Screening Procedures for International Passengers

Security Screening Procedures for International Passengers

Tips for Smooth Security Checks

Tips for Smooth Security Checks
  • ●Take-off your coat or jacket and take out all of your
    belongings including personal computers and cell phones
    and place them in a plastic tray.
  • ●When bringing liquids on board, passenger
    must comply with the following rules:
  • Containers of 100 ml or smaller only
  • Transparent, re-sealable plastic bag up to a capacity of 1 liter.
  • Only 1 bag per passenger
  • ※For additional liquids, put them in the checked baggage.
  • ●Empty your water bottle or plastic bottle
  • ●Empty your pockets and place any contents in a plastic tray
    before going through a full-body scanner.
  • ●You may also need to remove your shoes for inspection.

Passenger Screening with a Full-Body Scanner

For more safety and security, Sendai Airport has deployed a full-body scanner at international security checkpoint.

Passenger Screening with a Full-Body Scanner

How to go through the full-body scanner?

  • 1.Take-off your coat or jacket, empty all pockets and place any items in a plastic tray.
  • 2.Walk into the body scanner followed by the instructions given by the security personnel.
  • 3.Place your feet on the yellow footprint, take the pose and stand still.
  • 4.If nothing is detected, you are allowed to go. If detected, you will be asked to undergo an additional inspection.
  • ※The scanner may react on slack of clothes as it detects items intentionally concealed.

Please consult with the security officer if you are…

  • ・a wheelchair user
  • ・having a difficulty holding the position for screening
  • ・100 cm tall or less

About the Full-Body Scanner deployed at Sendai Airport

  • ・Automatically detects potentially dangerous items carried on the body or in clothing without contact inspection.
  • ・The transmitted power of the scanner is approximately 1/300 to 1/1,000 of a mobile phone emissions.
  • ・Images which are captured by the scanner are immediately deleted after the screening.
  • ・Requires less time and easier procedures for passengers.

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